CMCS Wall of Fame Film Festival

CMCS Wall of Fame Film Festival

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Welcome to the 2023 CMCS Wall of Fame Film Festival!

Launched in 2013 in Toronto, the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) is now proudly sponsoring the Wall of Fame – an international film festival in Lisbon, Portugal, that helps filmmakers screen unique moving images often overlooked in the tabloid politics of fame. In doing so, the CMCS Wall of Fame film festival bridges gaps between film stars and independent filmmakers, supportive of inspirational stories and social issues for both human and non-human animal ethics. CMCS has been featured for its views on celebrities in a wide range of media, including CTV, CBC National News, Global News, the Telegraph, VICE, Flare, Chatelaine, SUN Media, Yahoo! Entertainment, and many more. As the world’s first celebrity expert to be on tabloids, CMCS will offer honour, exposure, and connect unique film artists as role models for human rights and non-human animal ethics in celebrity culture. The festival will offer an additional screening to the first-runner-up award winner as a part of the annual Samita Nandy Productions Award and Hollywood’s Stage 32 (partnered with Netflix) webinar to the CMCS Wall of Fame best film award winner.

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Venue: ChasingRabbits at Rua do Sol ao Rato 61A, 1250-262 Lisboa, Portugal
Time: 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm (Lisbon time) on Saturday, June 24, 2023

For international audience: LIVE broadcast link:

The latest festival program link in our 85th newsletter[UNIQID

Nominations on our IG Wall of Fame

Awards & Prizes

– All applicants will receive an annual CMCS media workshop & access to a Happy Hour Mixer!
– All finalists will receive a CMCS Wall of Fame festival live public screening, nomination laurel, a review, and will be featured on our CMCS Wall of Fame IG
– Best film award winner will receive a CMCS Wall of Fame festival laurel, listed in IMDB Awards, and a Hollywood webinar gift from Stage 32 (partnered with Netflix, Paramount, etc.) (worth US $49)
– 1st CMCS Wall of Fame runner-up award-winner will also be listed in IMDB Awards & our social media as well as a second screening
– Selected finalists will be eligible for a post-festival online screening and invite-only panels along with CMCS Wall of Fame community members in 2024

Rules & Terms

Submission material (15 mins or under):

Short films
Fashion films
Music videos
Dance Films
Video Stories / Video Essays
Montage of Still Images (including photographs and print material with or without voiceover & music – be creative!)

Submissions must be made on and include the following:

– A link to a Vimeo / YouTube must be available for evaluation
– An MP4 version of the film, if accepted
– Film Poster & Synopsis (100 words)
– Applicants Profile Photo and Bio (100 words)
– All films must be no more than 15 minutes.
– Photographers, who wish to put together their still images as montages with a voice-over or sound effects, are eligible for screening.
– Writers who wish to exhibit their print material in an audiovisual format are eligible for screening
– Preference will be given to all storytellers who stand out as role models for social issues, including human rights, animal rights, and plant-based environmental sustainability (e.g., climate change) in an artistic & philosophical manner of storytelling.
– Filmmakers must address an artistic, personal, or social issue that does not violate but rather protects the rights of race, sex, species, and the environment. Submissions must be cruelty-free
– We will not accept commercial ads promoting a product. All submissions must tell a film story.
– By submitting, you accept that, if selected as a semi-finalist or finalist, your film may be screened offline and/or online at the discretion of the film festival.
– Submission of your film posters & photographs will be for the promotion of your film.
– Non-English films must have English subtitles
– Submission fees are non-refundable.