Ellis Cashmore – Celebrity Cultures (3rd Edition)

Posted on Oct 13, 2023

“I highly recommend Ellis Cashmore for his ground-breaking publication, Celebrity Culture (Routledge). In its 3rd edition, the book equips students, researchers, and the public with urgent insights on fame. In radically pushing the boundaries of normative understandings around 21st-century celebrities, Cashmore identifies ironies, illusions, and ideological dilemmas of stardom. He leaves readers with a reality check and promises for what was once genius and unique – talent in the quest for authenticity.”

– Samita Nandy, Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS)

We are proud of Ellis Cashmore for publishing the third edition of his book, Celebrity Cultures. Releasing on October 17, the book is available for order at Taylor & Francis https://www.routledge.com/Celebrity-Culture/Cashmore/p/book/9781032196022. Read and widely share the publication with faculty, researchers, students, journalists, and the wider public. Our full review is in the publication.

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