CMCS Film Festival – Internship Applications 2022

The inaugural Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) Wall of Fame film festival is looking to offer two 12-week voluntary internship to a film enthusiast who would like to learn how to become a film curator or a film writer / blogger for independent and ethical films. Benefits upon completion of the task.

  1. Communication Intern


  • Check email and send 1-line replies (as needed) – once a week
  • Research, communicate, and find a venue for the annual screening

2. Social Media Intern


  • Share the event in 5 filmmaking and 5 activist groups – once a month
  • Create compelling social media contest based on prize / giveaways – once a month


  • BA / College diploma in film studies, entertainment journalism or a related field
  • Copywriting
  • Microsoft Word & social media
  • Awareness of human rights, animal ethics, and plant-based environmental sustainability
  • Must be prompt in following guidance and reporting supervisors
  • Media relations (preferred but not mandatory)


Upon completion, successful interns will learn and receive long-term opportunities to:

  • Receive a Stage 32 (partnered with Netflix) film training webinar 
  • Develop film criticism / reviews
  • Become a film curator
  • Media training
  • Connect and be a part of the CMCS & film network with over 4000+ members 
  • Stipend for 12-week media position in Summer / Fall 2022 – budge to be determined upon successful and effective marketing outreach during internship

Send expressions of interest along with CV to CMCS director Dr Samita Nandy at by January 31, 2022.

Ellis Cashmore – Celebrity Cultures (3rd Edition)

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“I highly recommend Ellis Cashmore for his ground-breaking publication, Celebrity Culture (Routledge). In its 3rd edition, the book equips students, researchers, and the public with urgent insights on fame. In radically pushing the boundaries of normative understandings around 21st-century celebrities, Cashmore identifies ironies, illusions, and ideological dilemmas of stardom. He leaves readers with a reality check and promises for what was once genius and unique – talent in the quest for authenticity.” – Samita...

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2023 CMCS Wall of Fame Program

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Access and download: 2023-CMCS-Wall-of-Fame-Film-Festival-Program.pdf ( Venue: Chasing Rabbits 61A Rua do Sol ao RatoLisboa, Lisboa 1250-262 PortugalSaturday, June 24, 2023 Doors open: 3:30 – 7:30 pm (WEST) LIVE Broadcast (4:15 pm WEST onwards) Judges: Dr Samita Nandy | Dr Louis Massey Twitter @celeb_studies IG cmcs_media Special thanks: Stage 32 (partnered with Netflix)FilmFreeway...

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Ed 73 Hollywood and Board News – Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS)

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From Samita Nandy Hope 2020 started well! I am pleased to announce that Elliot Pill joined the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) editorial board. As the Director of International Development at Cardiff University (UK) and former celebrity publicist for David Beckham, his specialty in promotional culture will be insightful for media and celebrity studies. Read more: Also, CBC music host George Stroumboulopoulos named CMCS board member & celebrity...

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Windows (2023) – An International Short Film

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Windows (2023) A film by Krystof KeshavProduction House: Sene LisboaMedia and Public Relations: CMCS Media WINDOWS-Press-KitDownload ABOUT THE FILM Tagline: A Bengali short with a universal twist Logline: When a woman is stood up, she considers all the opportunities opening up to herself. Synopsis: In the independent short film, Windows, the protagonist Amrita is a single professional woman. She returns home after an ordinary day of work, but plans an extraordinary moment with a date that night. Her...

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Celebrity Memoir – “Stories I Must Tell”

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About the author: Kabir Bedi is an Indian international actor who began his career in Bollywood, worked in Hollywood, and became a star in Europe. He is Knighted by Italy and a voting member of the “Oscars Academy” (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). Read more: Review: “I am incredibly proud of Kabir Bedi’s biography Stories I Must Tell (Westland Books) and its authentic writing style. I deeply resonated with emotional phases that articulate immense strength, navigating tragic points of...

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Book Release 2022 Women Comedians in the Digital Age by Alex Symons

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Coming up from Routledge: Women Comedians in the Digital Age: Media Work and Critical Reputations After Trump breaks down research on 100 women comedians, detailing their work in video-podcasting, on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Netflix. Pre-order using discount code on the publisher’s website Alex Symons Special thanks to Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) keynote & author...

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The Leak (2022) – CMCS Media Production

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Welcome to THE LEAK (2022)! Official page: They started dating based on lies, but they liked each other even more when they found out.The Leak is a romantic comedy with a few twists! Extended Summary Mona is stressed and in a hurry. What is she running away from? A lawyer with a secret. Richard is out of his game and appears suspicious. A plumber who is not who he claims to be. Two lies. Simple communication. True love. All with an empty fridge. And a leaking tap. In The...

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LIVE Talk June 25 – “Working Actors in Hollywood”

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2021 CMCS Live Talk: Working Actors in Hollywood When: Friday, June 25 2021 – 9 am PDT / 11 am CST / 12 pm EDT / 5 pm GMTWhere: CMCS social media channels                           Facebook: Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) invites you to join and engage with rising actors in Hollywood on Friday, June 25! This talk particularly aims to inspire and engage film & TV audience, journalists, and scholars...

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Academic Models in Hollywood

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– By Samita Nandy (selected names are hidden for security) Academic Models in Hollywood Do fashion models need a Ph.D.? Some certainly do — especially when it comes to walking their talk, so to speak, in critical studies of fame and fashion. Gaining a practical understanding of the Hollywood industry rather than simply studying the runways can provide deep insights into academic models: academics who choose to represent their fashion in media and public relations including communication through social media. As a...

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Aid Celebrities and the Tropes of Celebrity Humanitarianism

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Join video conversation with Dan Brockington, Lisa Ann Richey, and Maha Rafi Atal: More: George Clooney is sad. What might an Oscar winning multi-millionaire have to be sad about, you ask? He’s “surprised and saddened” he says, to learn that Nespresso, the coffee brand for whom he has been a public spokesman since 2006, uses child labor at its plantations in Guatemala. That is particularly embarrassing for Clooney, whose brand...

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