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If you would like to join our research network, subscribe here for  free membership.  If you have an academic announcement to share or wish to affiliate with us as a sponsor or partnering organization, email us at

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Find current calls for conferences and publications on our Newsletter and Blog sections.  If you need help with publishing, contact us for ways in which we can support. Our associate press WaterHill Publishing can help if your publication needs meet author submission guidelines. If you need writing support, our editorial board members can assist. For more opportunities, follow WaterHill Publishing – now also at

Celebrity Chat

Would you like to be featured on Celebrity Chat? Receive a special opportunity to be featured on our ground-breaking video series!

For selection criteria, please contact Dr. Jackie Raphael (Curtin University Lecturer and CMCS Advisory Board Member) and Dr. Samita Nandy (CMCS Director) at Watch latest videos at

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Would you like to see Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) in your city? Are you interested to develop specific research in your location? It’s easy!

Co-organize CMCS conferences, seminars, workshops, reading groups or live Twitter chats with us!

We will guide you with adequate supervision and material to help you establish and develop your research and practice.

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Don’t have time to organize or speak at the events?  You can just attend, learn, and volunteer for a discounted registration rate!

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Whether you speak, co-organize or volunteer at CMCS, you will learn a whole heap of knowledge and practice in print and broadcast media.

We highly recommend disseminating high quality research through print and broadcast media for authority, credibility, visibility and social change.  Get your research and publications noticed through our growing media outreach.  We facilitate media and public relation services for academics. We also feature and support academics who are highly active in the media industry.

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If you are interested in mobilizing research knowledge and shaping public opinion across campuses and communities further but need help with research, publishing, and building media skills, attend one of our media skills training workshops at our conferences for one-on-one guidance. If you are not able to attend, let us guide and direct you to other sources.

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If you cannot travel to conferences, we tailor presentations to support, engage, empower, and educate both academic and non-academic audiences in your location. We have a demonstrated track record in delivering high quality panel presentations, workshops, seminars and keynotes that will be benefit your research and media skills.

Nominate Expertise

We honour the work of progressive academics that commit to disseminating research knowledge, popular practices, and radical ideas for social change.  If you would like to nominate an academic on our board or database of expertise, we would be pleased to hear from you.


We honour donations, in-kind contributions, and sponsorships that support the growth of media and celebrity studies.  Contact us to discuss how you may  like to share and support the field.

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