Ethical Glamour and Fashion: Styling Persona Brands

Edited by Samita Nandy, Kiera Obbard, and Nicole Bojko

For decades, public figures have had the ability to stylize their image and build their persona brand through fashion. In addition to their aesthetic and storytelling, celebrities’ fashion has played a key role in the promotion of their ethical brands. This book explores multiple questions related to glamour and fashion, such as: are all persona brands authentic and ethical?; and: how can we construct and popularize persona brands for a social cause? The analyses and case studies presented in this book have been written by experts who help us understand how a brand can be defined in aesthetic communication of fashion and, more importantly, in style for recognizing ethical role models.

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ISBN-10: 1775309630     ISBN-13: 978-1775309635

Building Bridges in Celebrity Studies

Jackie Raphael, Basuli Deb, and Nidhi Shrivastava (Editors)

This edited book addresses the complex interplay between celebrities and media. Various themes are investigated including trend setting, consumer consumption, impact of social media, sensationalism in reporting, celebrities as a commodity, media scandal creating fame, and feminism. Building Bridges in Celebrity Studies invites scholars and media professionals to critically consider ethical and social justice directions where media and celebrities combine for a commitment to social transformation. Both media and celebrity culture are crucial parts of our daily lives, thus a greater understanding of how the two co-exist is essential. This book provides some key perspectives towards such understanding.

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ISBN-10: 0993993842     ISBN-13: 978-0993993848

Becoming Brands: Celebrity, Activism and Politics

Edited by Jackie Raphael and Celia Lam

This book examines the intricate interrelations between power, persona, activism, philanthropy and feminism. In particular, key questions examined by the authors are how celebrity personas are deployed; how on-and-off screen activity impacts on celebrity brand identities; and how consistent messages are conveyed. These questions are explored through case studies including global celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Clint Eastwood, Freddie Mercury, and Paul Newman. Additionally, national perspectives are included through exploration of Polish rock-star-turned politician Pawel Kukiz, and feminist Turkish character Driver Nebahat. Whether it is celebrities bringing attention to activism or activists gaining fame, their brand identities can make a difference.

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ISBN-10: 0993993885     ISBN-13: 978-0993993886

Becoming Media Critics

Author: Samita Nandy

How can we – as writers, artists, and activists – develop media and public relations personas to give voice to our research and causes? This media guidebook draws on the author’s experience and practical insights for successful media outreach previously shared in her media workshop “Scholars as Critics.” It is aimed at those who are advocating for a cause, where personal values act as grounding principles and go hand-in-hand with competence. The learning outcomes of this guide include: 1) An introduction to media and public relations; 2) Determining whether you need a publicist; 3) Understanding why academics should become media critics; and, 4) Appreciating the importance of using social and traditional media to build your brand.

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ISBN-10: 1775309622     ISBN-13: 978-1775309628

Popular Culture and the Intellectual: Media Trends and Social Change

Edited by William P. Huddy and Andrea Marshall

This book explores key questions about the role of intellectuals in popular culture. It also investigates the tensions and oppositions between entertainment, information, and education in films, television, news, and online productions. The authors of this edited volume rely on interdisciplinary approaches to bridge gaps in the often-binary debate about the value of mass-market media. They address the many transformations, both in the media industry and in society, that content producers, practitioners, critics, journalists, and scholars enable.

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ISBN-10: 1775309614     ISBN-13: 978-1775309611

Personas and Places: Negotiating Myths, Stereotypes and National Identities

Edited by Jackie Raphael and Celia Lam

Personas and Places: Negotiating Myths, Stereotypes and National Identities explores the intersections between representations of places and people. It interrogates the methods through which national myths are constructed, and examines the limitations of national identities. The contributors to this book offer a series of fascinating case studies that take us from the migrant and settler shores of Australia to the American success myth, from the biopic of Jackie Kennedy to the dresses of Michelle Obama, and from New Zealand celebrity activism to the photographic representations of Zambia. The book presents an investigation of the ways in which public personalities both reflect and challenge national identities, and questions dominant media representations that emerge from the Global North.

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ISBN-10: 0993993893     ISBN-13: 978-0993993893

Fame in Hollywood North: A Theoretical Guide to Canadian Celebrity Cultures

Samita Nandy (Author)

How does the Canadian nation play a role in constructing fame in Hollywood? What is the nature of celebrity cultures in Canada? This book answers these questions while shedding new light on the relationship between fame and nation. Nandy particularly debunks the popular myth that Canada does not have a star system. In fact, this book shows that an understanding of Hollywood celebrity culture is incomplete without the understanding of fame in Canada.

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ISBN-10: 0993993834     ISBN-13: 978-0993993831

Bridging Gaps: Higher Education, Media and Society

Robert Caine, Hilary Wheaton, and Louis Massey (Editors)

The authors of this edited volume each consider some of the issues and opportunities associated with media and education as enablers of social progress. The book includes chapters on the crisis in academia and higher education, media literacy, celebrity culture, journalism, public relations, and social media among others.

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ISBN-10: 0993993818     ISBN-13: 978-0993993817

Teaching Compassion: On Behalf of the Animals

Robert S. E. Caine (Author)

This book investigates why most people view animals as nothing more than food products or possessions. Is the exploitation of animals so ingrained within human society that we are unable to ponder the pain and suffering experienced by countless animals as well as the killing of so many innocent beings? Teaching Compassion: On Behalf of the Animals shows that compassion for our fellow earthlings can be taught through both cognitive and emotional transitions. Robert S. E. Caine’s powerful words inspire us to change the way we see the world and his concrete educational proposal indicates how.

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ISBN-10: 0993993826     ISBN-13: 978-0993993824