Celebrity Memoir – “Stories I Must Tell”

Posted on Apr 22, 2023

About the author:

Kabir Bedi is an Indian international actor who began his career in Bollywood, worked in Hollywood, and became a star in Europe. He is Knighted by Italy and a voting member of the “Oscars Academy” (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). Read more: www.kabirbedi.com


“I am incredibly proud of Kabir Bedi’s biography Stories I Must Tell (Westland Books) and its authentic writing style. I deeply resonated with emotional phases that articulate immense strength, navigating tragic points of life and survival in film acting. He stands out as a distinctive actor and author in contested spaces of fame in Hollywood, Bollywood, and Europe. The publication is an excellent “ethnographic memoir” in celebrity culture, where his critical reflective writing integrates real-life examples, historical facts, diary excerpts, letters, and anecdotal sources in larger social contexts of stardom, thereby offering narrative roadmaps and tools for creative spirits to rise uniquely and develop humanity despite confrontations. Bedi’s story contributes to continued learning, insights, and progress poignantly. I trust his words will continue touching many in public spheres and in progressive arts, language, and literature in higher education. The current translations of the book give nuanced understandings of life in multiple cultural contexts. I highly recommend reading Kabir Bedi’s biography and look forward to supporting its words further.” – Samita Nandy, CMCS Director

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