Douglas Sechter is currently the Publicist at the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS).  With over 10 years of professional experience in teaching, language, and communications, he has a highly motivated, innovative and creative persona with deep-lived experiences in various places in Canada, the United States, China (PRC and Taiwan), Japan and India as well as in the United Kingdom.  He has studied various languages which include English, French, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Sanskrit, Classical Latin and Ancient Greek.  He connects with people from very different cultural backgrounds across the world.  His rare-lived experiences and unique abilities in languages make him a strong asset in public relations, communications, and endorsement of international projects in the higher education, media and creative arts industries.

Douglas Sechter’s career as a teacher has brought him into contact with large numbers of business people in corporate communication.  He also has given hundreds of presentations before small groups of ten or less as well as to large groups with more than 100 people.  Artistically, he has a deep appreciation for music and has studied the piano, organ, cornet and flute.  He also is a painter in watercolours, acrylics and oils.  He has been writing poetry since he was 14.  Additionally, he has studied independent film-making in two very well-known art schools.

As a Publicist at CMCS, Douglas Sechter supports media and public relations to endorse research and art-based inquiries in Celebrity Studies, and restores the Latin root celebrem in the etymology of celebrity.  He has done eight years of PhD. work on the British Empire in Asia at the University of Toronto, has received an M.A. in Asian Studies, holds a B.S. in Education with a major in History and Social Studies as well as has certification as a TESOL instructor.  For information on how Douglas Sechter can support educational and artistic careers as a Publicist, contact