CMCS Conference Committee Intern

Conference Committee Intern 

Part-time, Contract (Renewable)
Approx 12 weeks (30 mins / day)
Positions Available: Multiple

The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS), in association with The Centre for Ecological, Social & Informatics Cognitive Research (ESI.CORE) and WaterHill Publishing, is offering a paid internship to help and train scholars & students on how to administer and communicate cutting edge-research to worldwide delegates and journalists at international conferences and related events. Our delegates and partners are universities, faculty members, Doctoral students, writers, journalists, publicists, and publishers worldwide. Benefits include payment of a stipend $300 in addition to a full registration fee waiver valued at $450 to attend conference and professional development workshops, flexible hours of operation, and working online at any location. Long-term contracts, board opportunities, and higher research funds will be available to the successful intern.

We are looking for an intern who has a Masters or PhD with 1-3 years of proven track record in attending conferences / seminars. This position is ideal for a researcher who is keen to build academic and media opportunities and create effective working relationships, both internally and externally, with board members, keynotes, chairs, students, journalists, and activists. The candidate will have excellent communication skills and possess strong abilities to use online communication tools such Word, Excel, websites, social media, and mailing lists to maintain records of conference information.

Benefits include:

  • Timely work supervision and training
  • Mentorship to develop research and career goals
  • Fieldwork experience and training
  • Eligibility to be part of editorial boards and gain experience in peer reviews & publications
  • Attend events within and beyond academia
  • Learn professional skills in higher education and media
  • Receive templates and resources
  • Connect with a strong network of academics and journalists
  • Payment of stipend and full registration fee waiver

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Work closely with the Director, Board Members and Chairs to ensure:

  • Ensure conference planned runs efficiently and cohesively for minimum 25 registered delegates.
  • Manage all activities including research for best location, finding availability dates, and arranging for catering and technical needs.
  • Provides pre-event budgetary projections and feedback on contractual details.
  • Identifies and uses communication channels such as appropriate scholarly lists such as social media campaigns, departmental listservs and mailing lists (among others) and effective communication to invite scholars and students
  • Email delegates and ensure timely conference registrations
  • Design a conference program
  • Send guidelines on travel, speaking and chairing
  • Problem-solve unforeseen challenges with grace, humor, and efficiency,
  • Perform duties as assigned with a high level independence and innovation.
  • Develops and nurture effective working relationships with venues manager, delegates, sponsors, donors, vendors, and volunteers
  • Problem-solve all unforeseen challenges for every event with grace, humor, and efficiency,
  • Performs other duties as assigned with a high level independence and innovation.
  • Willingness to work some evenings and weekends. Other working days can be off.

To apply for this exciting and challenging role, please forward your CV and a short covering letter to Dr Samita Nandy at

Application Deadline: June 30, 2018