Sponsorship Sales and Marketing Coordinator – Internship

Sponsorship Sales and Marketing Coordinator – Internship

Type of Position: Freelance, Contract

Number of Positions: 3

Location: Flexible

Timeline: 10 weeks

Do you want to meet and support celebrities that advocate for social causes? Do you have skills to generate celebrity endorsements at red carpet events?

The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) is looking to offer US $10,000 (or 20% of funds raised) to a highly innovative and ambitious Sponsorship Sales and Marketing Coordinator Intern upon successful lead to celebrity endorsements in our distinctive outreach approach. The Sponsorship Sales and Marketing Intern will be considered for a long-term position in the CMCS team with the primary responsibility of generating ongoing revenue through effective outreach to and partnership with brand sponsors.

We are looking for an enthusiastic marketing partner who is highly independent, connected and strongly believes in our ethical brand values, and is not afraid of going the extra mile to invite a celebrity, pitch to angel investors, venture capitalists, philanthropic foundations, and sponsors and run a tightly scheduled campaign to secure minimum of US $50, 000 in a long-term position. The coordinator thrives on energy, bold sense of creativity and eager to learn the business of marketing media events through sponsorships and serving ethical brand values. He or she will be highly strategic in jointly creating and promoting our brand (e.g., a persona brand and brand image) and precisely identify our core brand value for this purpose. The selected candidates will be passionate and independent as well as a team player to build and reach out to our target audience. The successful marketer will be considered for long-term contracts and higher funds to effectively represent brand values and urgent causes we advocate.

The coordinator will initiate, develop, and close sponsorship deals that integrate experiential media marketing, extended media relations, and promotions of strong content. S/he should have experience in collaborating across teams and create a successful network with brand partners and sponsors. A passion for ethical brands is essential. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a growing audience engaging with a premium brand and an innovative team.

Sponsorship Sales and Marketing Coordinator is expected to manage the sales process from developing proposals and outreach through presentations, to managing the contract process. S/he will ensure necessary support from the marketing, communications and editorial teams to build event program themes and sales presentations.

Responsibilities and Key Learning Opportunities:

  • Learn the basics of media marketing, celebrity endorsement, and sponsorship
  • Learn partnership marketing strategy; how to develop successful sponsorship programs that leverage both partner and the organization’s brand attributes and assets for both sales pitches
  • Learn marketing and sales strategy in creative ways, how to find the right contacts and lead generation for the organization’s official and event sponsors.
  • Create media kits and all sales support materials for the company’s media outreach
  • Help build creative sales presentations and program proposals which contain clear strategies to meet sponsors’ needs, and integrate multiple elements, including: media assets, consumer goods promotions, sweepstakes and contests on social media to provide unique, added-value opportunities to a partner.
  • Responsible for interacting with the organization’s Events and Marketing Manager to provide support and learn how to properly communicate execution of partner benefits.
  • Attend special events at the parks as assigned and assist in other duties within the Corporate Alliance Service Division as needed.


  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills.
  • Able to work a minimum of 25-30 hours/week during the summer semester. Evenings or weekends might be required.
  • Be currently enrolled in a full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate program (no required major necessary).
  • Have an understanding of the entertainment and media industries
  • Passionate desire to begin career exploration related to sponsorship management, sales, advertising, business, communications, or management.
  • Have respect for human, animal and environmental ethics

To apply for this exciting and challenging role, please forward your CV, portfolio (sample media projects, demo reels) and a short cover letter to
Dr Samita Nandy at info@cmc-centre.com.  Application deadline: December 31, 2018