CMCS Media Production Internships

Media Production Internships 

  • Television Reporter and Co-Producers*
  • Media Relations and Outreach Coordinators*
  • Fashion Photographers
  • Bloggers

Honorarium: $150 / per day
Internship: 1-2 days (in a New York studio)
Training: 4 months (online)
Location: New York City and Mumbai

Do you aspire to have your own NYC-based television program or PR company related to celebrity culture? Are you interested in human, animal and environmental causes that many celebrities support? Do you want to take part in celebrity activism that will lead to long-term paid positions?


The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) is looking to offer competitive media production internships for a press conference in New York City and Mumbai in 2019. We are currently looking to mentor interns in the following areas, but not limited to:

  • Television Reporter and Co-Producer*
  • Media Relations and Outreach Coordinator*
  • Fashion Photography / Videography

In joining our research & production team, interns will get a firsthand look at developing television programming and a media network together. They will have the opportunity to apply skills in journalism, media, and public relations while receiving mentor training in career development. CMCS Board specifically oversees the learning experience by providing interns with one-on-one mentoring on the development of media portfolio, branding, and profiling, and helping them achieve their goals throughout the session that will lead to a production of a television program.

The mandate of our program is to recognize celebrity studies scholars, journalists and critics, and heighten public awareness of urgent social causes in celebrity culture. Our followers and partners are film and television industry professionals, researchers, writers, artists, activists, publicists, and publishers worldwide.

We are particularly looking for enthusiastic media professionals and students who are highly ambitious, innovative, and entrepreneurial, and want to be long-term partners in developing media content that they value. This position is ideal for entry-level media professionals or final-year film / broadcast journalism students who are keen to enhance professional opportunities and strengthen industry relations for social causes. The unique candidate will combine excellent communication skills with a strong sense of business and philanthropy. Experience of social media campaigns to effectively promote values is an asset. Production and media marketing internships will be considered complete when they effectively lead to funded partnerships and acquisitions. Benefits include payment of a stipend $300 in addition to a full registration press conference fee waiver valued at $450 and attend our professional development workshops. The intern will also receive flexible hours of operation and working online at any location. The successful intern will be considered for long-term contracts, higher funds, and positions.

Benefits include:

  • Timely work supervision
  • Mentorship to develop a portfolio and career goals
  • Fieldwork experience and on-site training
  • Eligibility to be part of editorial boards
  • Attend events within and beyond universities
  • Learn professional skills in higher education and media
  • Receive templates and resources
  • Connect with a strong network of academics and journalists
  • Payment of stipend and full registration fee waiver on successful completion of the internship

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The successful candidate will work closely with the CMCS Director / Producer with an aim to:

  • Ensure conference planned runs efficiently and cohesively for minimum 25 registered guests
  • Oversee project from conception to completion and understands the process
  • Interested to build and develop a network of industry contacts
  • Hold meetings with the director/producer and act as a sounding board in a prompt manner
  • Make sure that the production requirements are met
  • Make phone calls and send email inquiries that the program requires
  • Other duties as required

The ideal candidate will possess the following skills:

  • Minimum 1-2 years of media experience required, preferably in New York City
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail coupled with strong prioritization
  • Strong proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and database programs required
  • Must exhibit excellent judgment and flexibility for effective outcomes
  • A desire to be part of a dynamic, fast-paced, collaborative, and results-oriented production team
  • Completed courses in a field related to film/television

To apply for this exciting and challenging role, please forward your CV, portfolio (sample media projects, demo reels) and a short cover letter to
Dr Samita Nandy at  Application deadline: June 30, 2018

The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) is an international organization and research network that helps coordinating academic research and media commentaries on celebrity culture. CMCS carries a pedagogical philosophy that inspires integration of research and media skills training in academic and public discourses of fame.  The centre believes in intellectual, aesthetic, and ethical values of bridging gaps in higher education and media. With this view, CMCS facilitates research, publications, creative productions, and media commentaries to restore artistic and ethical acts for social change.

CMCS dedicated to its internship program and attracts the best and the brightest professionals and students to join our growing international network and partnerships. URL:

* As mentioned above, production and media marketing internships will be considered complete when they effectively lead to funded partnerships and acquisitions.