Eulogy in Memory of Josh Nathan

Posted on Jan 13, 2018


Words of care for Joshua Nathan

On behalf of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) advisors and members, we gather with our colleagues and friends to remember our board member Joshua Nathan with deep honor.

It is hard to say goodbye to Josh, especially since he forever lives in our memories and in the vision of all we do. Those of us who knew and loved Josh remember him as a researcher at the University of Colorado, professor, broadcaster, writer and, above all, a true lifelong companion. And that companionship will continue in our circle of compassion.

At this moment of loss, we must remember that it is the journey that counts – that’s what we will uphold in our conference series and in the publication of deserving words that Josh supported. We commit to giving care and to keeping his presence alive as we proceed with our journey. Josh truly deserves the love from around the world. CMCS members Hilary Wheaton, Nidhi Farfagalia, Christine Bode, Kofi Forson, and Jennifer Polk have sent their deep sympathy and thoughts for Josh and his family. Below are few more words and photos from our dear colleagues & friends:

From Luis Fernando Romo Pedrejon, Spain:

Josh is in my mind and heart

Kindness is not just a word. Light is not just a word. Support is not just a word. JOSH NATHAN was more than a name. He was the perfect combination of kindness, light and supportiveness. From the first day we got in touch through social media last September, Josh was undoubtedly the most generous person. His advice will be a priceless treasure in the new world I just started as a Ph.D. Your savvy tips will always be in my heart. Your sustainable words put light into the Academia. God Bless You. You will be terribly missed. Gracias por tu ayuda mi querido Josh. Madrid y España te echarán de menos.

From Douglas Machado, Brazil

As a foreigner in NYC, I was so anxious the first time I attended the Bridging Gaps Conference because it was the first time I would present a paper in English in the US. I met Josh on the first day of the event. He was so kind. We talked a lot. The conference was still small, even so we skipped some presentations to keep talking in the restaurant, at the Terrace Club. Josh gave me the confidence I needed for my presentation. We simply couldn’t stop talking. His passion for teaching and journalism was contagious. His enthusiasm  has enabled us to become friends already on the day we met and since then we had never lost contact despite the distance. Hours and hours of good conversations via Facetime, iMessage, and emails in endless discussions about technology and teaching that I will never forget. He was a great journalist, teacher, writer, researcher and a life enthusiast. I’m going to miss him so much. The Bridging Gaps Conference will never be the same without him. I learned a lot from Josh, my first American friend. I will never forget him. More memories:


From Kofi Forson, USA
Josh was someone who made me feel welcomed in the world of academics on Twitter. He gave me an unexpected friendship. Each time I tagged him on a tweet he more than took the time to acknowledge it. He shared with me a frank and open response letting me know he was thankful. That’s what I liked about Josh, his openness and show of gratitude. Like I posted on Facebook:
Blessed be the man who keeps

For in keeping he has a lot to share –


From Jackie Raphael, Australia

Josh was such a genuine, sweet person. While I didn’t know him well, he would always help with research projects from across the world and give his support in every way that he could. I remember when I first met him in New York and he was so eager to take part in everything and help. He even mailed me a postcard afterwards, which I have cherished all these years. His presence in this world will be greatly missed.

From Andrea Marshall, USA

Josh was compassionate in scholarship, enthusiastic in his dedication to teaching, and without peer as a friend and colleague. When we met in New York in 2015, as many of my esteemed colleagues met Josh, I was struck by his sincerity and good humor. He brought these qualities to every conversation, every interaction, and every correspondence during the course of our friendship. He was a dear friend and a cherished colleague. His loss is greatly felt and he is very much missed.

From Samita Nandy, Canada / USA 

The history of our friendship goes back to connecting through a passionate conversation about higher education and critical thinking on LinkedIn. Soon I discovered that he’s a visionary who truly contributes to teaching and learning with care, compassion, and presence. I then invited him as one of the key media speakers at the 2nd Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) conference in New York City in 2015. That is where we first met in person and never stopped co-creating memorable moments and supportive thoughts for all. Recently, Josh became one of our board members and delivered an unforgettable webinar on op-ed writing. In the journey of co-creating words and thoughts, I came to know his mother Linda Nathan and father Andy Nathan and today, I am truly honoured and grateful to be in touch with his parents and friends. I learnt that like me, Josh had shared a deep journey of living and learning with all his close ones. I will forever remember Josh suggesting a Zen Garden as a burial space for the remains of my parents couple of months ago. That sacred space and his presence will always be there.

Josh Nathan and Samita Nandy

From Kiera Obbard, Canada

When I first met Josh at the 2nd Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies conference in New York in 2015, I found him to be deeply commitment to academia, and his genuine interest and excitement in the work of those around him was welcoming and reassuring. I was a nervous, young academic presenting at my first out-of-country conference when I met Josh, and his kindness and support were invaluable to me. He instilled confidence in those around him, and encouraged all of us to pursue our dreams. I will always remember Josh as a kind, enthusiastic and passionate academic, peer, teacher, and friend, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. He will be deeply missed.

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