March 12-13 Conference: Discourse on Literary Celebrity across Genres

Posted on Mar 10, 2015

From Dr Rebecca Braun @braunbraun4 and @AuthorsWorld

An AHRC-funded project at Lancaster, Authors and the World, is exploring literary celebrity in upcoming events in March and July:


Conference: Discourse on Literary Celebrity across Genres
12 & 13 March 2015, Lancaster University
To register email Emily Spiers.

How does literary celebrity manifest in different genres? To what extent do authors, and ideas of authorship, translate from one medium to another, and how do the different genres themselves contribute to a growing discourse around individual literary celebrities? In this event we look at a graphic novel, film subtitling techniques and practices in projecting a scientific academic persona to probe issues of authorship surrounding individuality, gender, generation, and originality within a multi-genre context.

Further details at the Authors and the World website.

World Authors and Translators in the Circulation of Global Capital
2 & 3 July 2015, Lancaster University

This event concludes the interdisciplinary research series on ‘literary celebrity’ that has run throughout 2014-15 at the Authors and the World research hub: Our first three events explored how celebrity is produced and problematized across an array of different regional and national literary contexts, media and genres. In this final event, we explore what happens when the reception context of an author changes and the author and his or her work becomes directly subject to forces of globalization. Delegates are particularly encouraged to reflect on the human, personal element in relation to these wider circulatory social processes of literature. How are the author’s specific face, body and circumstances transposed into different cultural contexts, how inter-lingual and cross-cultural have global marketing processes really become, and what is the human price of the social transaction that literature represents in the digital economy?

Confirmed speakers:
Aleida Assmann (Literary Studies, Konstanz)
Anne Barron (Legal Studies, London School of Economics)
Susan Bassnett (Comparative Literature, Warwick)
Alessandro Gallenzi (Alma Books)
Gesche Ipsen (Pushkin Press)
Charlotte Ryland (New Books in German)
Bendedict Schofield (German Studies, Kings College London)
Frank Wynne (freelance translator from the French and the Spanish)

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