Webinar on Persona Branding 2018

We are pleased to announce our FREE webinar “Sustainability and Persona Branding” for worldwide CMCS members and past Bridging Gaps delegates!

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Saturday, September 1 (9 am PDT / 12 pm EST / 5 pm GMT) – 30 mins

  • Featuring CMCS Lisbon 2018 best video award winner Victoria Kannen and 2017 LA media panelist Kevin del Principe

Webinar Registration: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/sustainability-persona-branding-webinar-tickets-48582241793

We have limited space, so please register in advance and log in 5 minutes prior to the start time!

In the meantime, watch & learn more about our key speakers and prepare for the webinar in advance:

Victoria Kannen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQLl_t1qeTI

Kevin del Principehttps://vimeo.com/279522845

Saturday, August 11 (9 am PDT / 12 pm EST / 5 pm GMT) – 30 mins

  • Featuring CMCS Lisbon 2018 best paper award Maria Murumaa-Mengel and public influencer Dominique Drakeford


References for the webinar preparation and Q & A:

Conference Material: “Bridging Gaps: Where is Ethical Glamour in Celebrity Culture?”

(Read the Call for Papers area and feel free to download the program for research)

Edited Collection: Becoming Brands: Celebrity, Activism, and Politics 

(Skip the order form and read first chapter of the book for references: http://www.waterhillpublishing.com/bkimg/becombrandstocchap1.pdf)

Special thanks to Nicole Bojko for hosting the webinar and to Kiera Obbard for continuing discussions we had at the 7th international CMCS conference Bridging Gaps: Where is Ethical Glamour in Celebrity Culture? in Lisbon last month.

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