New York – August 2019

Scholars as Critics: A Professional Development Workshop for Academics in Media

Join our key speakers at our 2019 media workshop panel “Scholars as Critics.” This media workshop will be an interactive panel, offering insights and resources for scholars to build media and public relations, become critics and experts in media, and ways to answer questions from journalists. Full conference:

Key speakers:

Dr Andrew Zolides
Communication and Media, Xavier University, USA
Day 1 – Opening Keynote: Celebrity and Digital Narrative Practice 

Dr Basuli Deb
English and Gender Studies, Rutgers University and CUNY, USA
Day 1 – Opening Afternoon Keynote:
From MeToo to UsToo: Celebrity Counterpublics to Migrant Counterpublics

Dr Alex Symons
Fashion Media, LIMS College, USA
Day 2 – Opening Keynote:
“Cultural Citizenship” in the Digital Age:
Activism and Risks for Comedians in America

Dr Jacque Lynn Foltyn
Sociology, National University, USA
Key speaker for CMCS media panel, “Scholars as Critics” 
Media coverage: NBC Today, CBS 48hrs, NPR, CNN, BBC, NYT, VICE

Bio: Jacque Lynn Foltyn, PhD, Professor of Sociology, is a cultural critic, sociologist, and media expert shaping public discourse in a variety of fields. An interdisciplinary trained social theorist, her scholarship has focused on popular culture, the body, fashion, beauty, gender, death, bereavement, art, celebrity, social media, the consumer-entertainment-industrial complex, and the social construction of knowledge. She has appeared on NBC The Today Show, CBS 48 Hours, NPR, and BBC, and been interviewed by CNN, Maclean•s, VICE, Inverse, Allure, More, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe, The Sydney Morning Herald, among other publications. The Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC 20/20, NBC Dateline, 60 Minutes Australia, French Vogue, World Anthropologist, Newsweek, Revlon Corporation, Science Museum of Minnesota have sought her expertise.

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Dr Hannah Yelin
Senior Lecturer in Media and Culture
Oxford Brookes University @hannahyelin
Key speaker for CMCS media panel, “Scholars as Critics” (via video)

Topic: Hannah will discuss the strange experience of having her research on Meghan Markle go viral, and her collaboration with the media in running Celebrity Culture Club: a series of events bringing together academics, those working in the media, and interested members of the public to discuss the important matters of the day relating to celebrity culture. 

Bio: Hannah Yelin is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Culture at Oxford Brookes University. Her research interests centre around celebrity memoir and women in the public eye. Her book, Celebrity Memoir: From Ghostwriting to Gender Politics, is forthcoming with Palgrave. She is co-investigator on the research project Girls, Leadership and Women in the Public Eye. She runs the Celebrity Culture Club, a series of events bringing together academics, those working in the media, and interested members of the public to discuss the important issues of the day relating to celebrity culture. She is on the steering committee for the MeCCSA Women’s Network and has judged the Feminist and Women’s Association Book Prize. Her research on Meghan Markle, the British Monarchy and Feminism has been featured in the press around the globe including interviews for Sky News and Grazia in the UK. Before returning to academia to do a PhD at UEA, Hannah had a 12 year career in the media, producing award winning work for organisations such as the BBC and UKTV. 

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Dr Samita Nandy
PhD, Media and Information at Curtin University (Australia)
Conference Chair and Dir., Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (Canada)
Author, Fame in Hollywood North (WaterHill)
Areas: Celebrity Activism, Hollywood Stardom, Glamour, Persona

Bio: Samita Nandy is an author and cultural critic of fame. She holds a Doctorate in celebrity culture from the Department of Media and Information at Curtin University, Australia and is a certified broadcast journalist.

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URL: @famecritic