CMCS Press Release – Toronto Launch 2013

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Toronto, ON (13 August, 2013) – Canada has what Hollywood does not have – a research and production centre on fame. Dr Samita Nandy is now launching Canada’s one and only Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) in the Greater Toronto Area. The inspiration for CMCS came when she saw the growing demand for studies of fame and completed her Doctoral research on celebrity culture. She has been recently honoured with her Doctorate after receiving federal and postgraduate grants valued at over $120,000 at Curtin University in Australia.

CMCS brings award-winning faculty members, creative industry professionals, and an intellectual public together. The centre aims to work in international partnership with the higher education and media industry as well as cultural institutions that can utilize strategic advice, observations, and commentaries on arts and talent in popular culture. CMCS thereby increases understanding and distribution of cultural assets in a competitive market of the higher education and media industry.

Dr Nandy says, “Of course, there are industrial tools of publicity, promotions, commentaries, and critiques in fame, but unless one carves out a niche talent for self and society, fame is not sustainable.” She is often asked the reason to go to Australia for her Doctorate on fame. She bares her soul and says that the reason was love.

CMCS specializes in cultural studies and practices about fame, independent artists, fans and passion for talent. CMCS carries a unique educational philosophy that inspires integration of research, creative production, and individual growth. The centre believes in intellectual, aesthetic, and ethical values of making media skills accessible to a wide range of learners in studies and practices of popular culture. As well, the centre recognizes a reformed model of education that accommodates multiple learning styles in understandings of self and relations in media and celebrity culture.

With an international Advisory Board, CMCS brings classes, public talks, media workshops, and cutting-edge performances to empower individuals in discovering their distinctive talent and shining as a star. Distinguished members of CMCS include Anita Krajnc, Mira Moshe, Louis Massey, Radha Maharaj, Robinder Sehdev, Tushar Unadkat, Yaya Mori and Founding Director, Samita Nandy.

Dr Nandy focuses on celebrity culture, shifts in stardom, and intersection of fame and social identity. Her international media relations and work led her to be featured with Global Television’s Anwar Knight and Allison Annesley on Daytime and prime-time show First Local on Rogers Television, CBC News, CTV’s Breaking News CP 24, The Globe and Mail, SNAP Downtown Toronto newspaper, Eternity Watch magazine, ATN Television Network; CINA 1650 AM; Rivaaj, Starbuzz Weekly, Cineblitz, Mississauga News, Desi News, and India Journal. Nandy holds expertise in postgraduate and honors teaching at University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and Curtin University. She is also the Director of Communications at non-profit organization Nouveau iDEA (International Dimensions of Entertainment and Arts) with over 8,000 members and 80,000 online readers.

CMCS will be launched at The Inner Garden located at 401 Richmond (Suite 384) in Toronto, Canada on Thursday, 29 August 2013. Doors open at 7:30 pm.

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