A Genre Approach to Celebrity Politics (2015)

Posted on Apr 8, 2015

A Genre Approach to Celebrity Politics (2015)
By Nahuel Ribke (Tel Aviv University). Published by Palgrave MacMillan

 The study of celebrities has been the focus of several works from two
main fields: Cultural Studies and Political Communication. But up until
now, such works have produced only fragmented views of links between
celebrity culture, the entertainment industries, and the political
systems, which this book attempts to transcend. Analyzing the movement
of celebrities to politics, this book contributes to a thorough
understanding of the links between media industries and the political
system, providing tools for grasping the varied ways in which media
capital is converted into electoral power. To achieve this goal, Nahuel
Ribke has assembled a wide range of data from the United States, Brazil
and Israel, providing a complex comparative view of the migration of
celebrities to politics, which incorporates a historical and cultural
analysis, an examination of the respective political institutions, as
well as an understanding of the impact local cultural industries had on
the development of celebrity politics.

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