CMCS Digital Outreach Coordinator

Digital Outreach Coordinator and Crowdsourcing Partner

Type of Position: Part-time, Contract
Location: Flexible
Duration: 10 weeks

The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) is looking to offer $10,000 (or 20% of funds raised) to a highly innovative and ambitious digital outreach coordinator and marketer upon successful lead to sales of a red carpet press conference for social causes. Successful digital outreach must be willing use crowdsourcing and social media campaigns that lead to registration, fundraising, and / or sponsorship of content as needed.

We are looking for an enthusiastic marketing partner who is highly connected and strongly believes in our brand values, and is not afraid of going the extra mile to invite a celebrity, pitch to angel investors, venture capitalists, philanthropic foundations, and sponsors and run a tightly scheduled campaign to secure minimum of US $50, 000. He or she will be highly strategic in jointly creating and marketing a demanding brand (e.g., marketing the brand of the programme and production) and precisely identify core value for this purpose. The selected candidates will be passionate and independent as well as a team player to build and reach out to our target audience. The successful digital marketer will be considered for long-term contracts and higher funds to effectively represent brand values and urgent causes we advocate.

The mandate of the programme is to lead rare interviews on celebrity culture and activism that will engage and honour outstanding achievements, heighten public engagement, and promote ongoing education through one-on-one as well as group conversations, content creation, and social media campaigns. The ideal candidate for this programme would hence be a vibrant community partner who has experience of actively working on public relations through digital marketing and in-person presentations.

Benefits include attendance to our upcoming press conferences, flexible hours of operation, and working online at any location. You will share company profits and renewable contracts after completing a paid probation period, so you can become a partner and lead innovative directions in studies of celebrity culture.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Working with the Director and team members to create marketing schedules, execute timely digital marketing campaigns, and develop our community platform.
  • Design crowdsourcing projects and liaise with influencers and technology to source matters that are appropriate for the crowd
  • Develop crowdsourcing and share expertise internally and externally through presentations and writing
  • Develop and maintain relationships to external crowdsourcing communities, platforms and consultants
  • Manage well-paced pipeline of projects in various stages of development and execution, including managing internal partner relationships
  • Utilize appropriate distribution channels and connect with celebrities, media industry professionals, bloggers, and influencers to lead outreach.
  • Partner with corporate members to develop communications strategy and executions around key brand efforts.
  • Create timely and highly engaging content optimized for intended audience and sponsors on mobile and social media platforms.
  • Curate and monitor content on various websites, newsletters, blogs, social media, and email to attract, engage and invite customers into members or subscribers.
  • Use compelling storytelling and engage online audiences in individual and group conversations to talk about the programme
  • Lead research and development of updated thought-leadership content and monitor current industry news and entertainment trends.
  • Responsible for keeping website content updated.
  • Manage and plan central content calendar receiving input from multiple corporate, regional, and business units.
  • Optimize website content for search engines (SEO) and track meaningful and actionable analytics.
  • Identify new target markets for product, services and campaigns.
  • Work with other content producers to cross-curate similar values while ensuring brand consistency, voice and quality.
  • Exceptional skills in online, phone and in-person communication to represent brand values and create and maintain loyalty with past and new community members.
  • Extend editorial content to relevant external publications (e.g., forums, new sites, blogs).
  • Other related duties essential to raise funds.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Advertising, Journalism, related field, or equivalent work experience
  • At least 3-5 years of professional experience in direct marketing, advertising, and brand marketing with implementation of mobile and digital campaigns.
  • Experience sourcing, planning and executing crowdsourcing projects
  • Strong project management skills, with a track record of executing multiple projects
  • Ability to use presentation and writing to communicate to a variety of audiences
  • A track record of building a program, team or organization — from scratch
  • Experience working with external partners and communities
  • Self-motivated while also being a standout colleague
  • Fast-past and strategic in a very competitive environment
  • English as the primary language
  • Appreciates higher education and advocacy
  • Open to human, animal and environmental ethics

For further details of this exciting and challenging marketing role, please forward your CV and a short covering letter to Samita Nandy at

Application deadline:  December 31, 2018